For Buyers


Find an agent

Buying a home is exponentially harder than looking for a rental. The right agent can help you fine-tune your wish list, help sort through neighborhoods, guide through the process. We live in the neighborhoods we serve and know the nuances, ins and outs and are thrilled to be part of creating community.


Prepare your finances

Before we look at houses, it is paramount to be pre-qualified. We have a network of lenders and financial advisors who can help you establish your financial profile. Once you start looking, you want to be financially ready to make an offer if you see your dream home.


Shopping for a home

Shopping for a home is a unique experience. You are looking for your refuge, your community, your commute to and from work. We can help you prioritize your wish list, and help you find your spot.


Putting your offer together

Once you find the perfect home, we will guide you through the disclosures to make sure it is in good shape. We have inspectors and tradespeople who can discuss the home with you so you are comfortable with your decisions. We will help you put together a compelling offer, based on the market data and the condition and negotiate the best price possible for you. And, if this one doesn’t work out, we will have a plan for the next one.


The mysterious escrow process

Once your offer is accepted, we will guide you through the loan process, and keep in touch with your lender to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have an inspection contingency, we will be with you for the inspections, and arrange for any further inspections as is necessary.


The closing and getting your keys

We will be at the title company with you when your final papers are ready to sign. There will be a ton of papers to sign, and then we will have a final walk-through before the deed is recorded and the house is yours.