Moving Checklist

Before You Leave:

Give forwarding address: Post office (visit website), Credit Cards, Subscriptions (Newspapers, Magazines, Movie Delivery service, etc.), Bank, Employer/Industry Contacts, Friends and Relatives

Bank: Transfer Funds, Arrange credit references

Insurance: Notify of new location for coverage: Life, Auto, Health, Fire & Auto

Automobile: DMV, AAA, FasTrak

Cancel utilities: Gas, light, water, telephone, fuel, garbage, cable/satellite;Get refunds on any deposits made

Medical & dental: Ask doctor and dentist for referrals; transfer needed prescriptions: eyeglasses, etc.; obtain records: medical, birth, etc.

Pets: Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, tags, etc.; plan for transporting

Moving company: Make appointment

Make appointments at new address: phone company (DSL activation can take 12-14 days after activating land line); cable/satellite, Window coverings

Don’t forget to: Plan use of foods; have appliances serviced for moving; clean rugs; plan for special needs of infants and/or pets


On Moving Day:

Important items: Carry jewelry and documents yourself, or use registered mail

Double check: closets, drawers, shelves to be sure they are empty

Leave: all old keys needed by new owner with Realtor® or neighbor


At Your New Address:

Check on services: telephone, gas, electricity, water and garbage

Check pilot light: on all relevant equipment, such as stove, hot water heater and furnace

Mail: Ask mail carrier for mail being held for you, if any

Driver’s license: Apply for state driver’s license or have new address recorded on driver’s license

Voting information: Visit city offices and update

Car/vehicles: Register in a timely manner to avoid any penalties

School: Register children before deadline

Arrange for medical services: doctor, dentist, veterinarian, etc.