Our Services

Choosing a professional, informed, and skillful Realtor is the key to successfully buying a home in today’s complex real estate market. Thornwall agents are committed to knowing the local real estate market, along with the economic, social and political factors that shape our community.

We earn most of our business by referral from very satisfied, grateful clients. While each person and property we work with is different, the high quality of our service is always the same. Request a consultation now to get started!

Your Thornwall agent will be your trusted advisor, helping you to clarify your housing needs and desires, locating the best available home to meet those needs, and guiding you through the technical process of entering into contract to buy your home, inspect its condition, and negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale.


Your agent will:

  • Refer you to reliable mortgage lenders
  • Help you to refine your home search
  • Hunt for your house
  • Alert you to properties that match your search criteria
  • Prepare you to write an offer
  • Discuss strategies to help ensure that your offer is accepted
  • Present you and your offer to sellers with professional skill
  • Negotiate the best possible price and terms for you
  • Provide referrals and set up appointments for inspections so that you have a thorough understanding of the condition of the property
  • Communicate and coordinate with everyone involved in the transaction throughout the entire escrow period
  • Be a valuable resource for you after escrow has closed

Your Thornwall agent will do everything possible to ensure that you have a positive, successful experience when purchasing your new home.